Integrated Marketing Communications Manchester 

Giving you the competitive edge

IC-e is a small team of marketing consultants, software developers and graphic designers. We provide incisive marketing strategy, innovative ideas, award winning design and advanced software development services.

Our focus is on ensuring our clients gain a competitive edge through the most effective marketing and best performing websites and software applications.

Whether you are looking for a new identity, new ideas to grow your business or improve the performance of your marketing and communication activities we will ensure you take the right path and achieve the highest return on your investment.

We are based at Manchester Science Park with some staff based in the Midlands.  We provide services to clients throughout the UK.

Integrated marketing and technology

The explosion of digital media has changed the communications mix. With more channels and media it has become even more important to establish a fully integrated approach to your marketing. Whether it is your website, mobile app, an exhibition, social media, your database applications or the sign outside your office, we can help you ensure all your communications and marketing activities are implemented as part of a whole, integrated, strategy. It is only by doing this that you will obtain the maximum return on your investment.

IC-e is different: The benefit we offer is that we have specialists in all the technologies and methods of reaching out to customers and stakeholders, spearheaded by marketing consultants who have decades of expertise and know what works.

By combining incisive marketing strategy, innovative ideas, quality design and robust coding in the development of marketing communications and software applications, we ensure you have the ultimate in marketing support – a team committed to ensuring your business objectives are fulfilled.


There’s no juniors at IC-e, all accounts are run by directors with years of experience and expertise in a broad spectrum of industries. All design work is overseen by the Creative Director and all software development is undertaken or overviewed by Microsoft Certified Professionals.


IC-e operates with minimal overheads and is a highly efficient team who are motivated through a love of the work they do (and a profit share scheme!). We offer a straight forward, common sense approach, spiced with award winning creativity, design excellence and marketing know-how.


IC-e provides a transparent service with crystal clear advice. If we think that what you are planning should be done in another way we will tell you – even if this means less work for us – guaranteed. We want to develop relationships that are long lasting based on mutual success and friendship.

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Company Details


  • MARTIN WOODFIELD FCIM – Managing Director
  • IAN BELL MCP MCAD  – Technical Director
  • MELVYN HOWARD  – Creative Director

Office address:

  • IC-e Group
  • 40 Greenheys
  • Manchester Science Park
  • Pencroft Way
  • Manchester
  • m15 6JJ

Registered office:

  • 22 Didsbury Park
  • Didsbury
  • Manchester
  • M20 5LJ

Registered Companies: IC-e Design and Marketing Ltd; IC-e Web Solutions Ltd

Bullseye Mail is a brand name for IC-e Design and Marketing’s email marketing solution.