Search Engine Optimisation

IC-e Design and Marketing not only develop high impact, well constructed websites, we also know how to optimise websites so that they achieve the highest rankings in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Many Search Engine Optimisation companies will encourage you too spend a lot of money in ways which often have little effect on search engine ranking, or if they do achieve some ‘good results’ , these are often where there is very little competition.

MEC Website seo

No. 1 in Google, Yahoo & Bing for a variety of search terms

Here is a real life example

We  developed a website for MEC Ltd. five years ago.  They are an electrical contractor based in Manchester.

This site achieves a no1 ranking for searches such as ‘electrical contractor in Manchester’; ‘Manchester electrical contractors’; ‘Manchester electrical’  etc

It has done so for the lat 4 years providing a regular stream of enquiries which has seen the company triple in size and more to larger premises.

Did they spend a lot of money on search engine optimisation?  No, very little.

With a good robust methodology, some know how and attention to detail, we can achieve great rankings in search engines for your website with a small budget.

And if you choose IC-e to create your website for you we will do most of it as part of the project and show you how to do it.



SEO Training company

M Training is in the top 5 listings for a range of top level keywords – including SEO Training!

Seo Training Manchester search engine results

No 2 for ‘SEO Courses Manchester’ – only beaten by Salford University and beating much larger competition.

Martin, our SEO Consultant, helps M Training significantly punch above it’s weight in Google results pages.

The websites pages feature high on page one for a large number of the targeted keyword phrases.

Martin has even achieved a No 2 ranking for M Training’s SEO Course page. (See right)

If we can beat the other SEO companies at SEO that tells you something!




We can provide SEO consultancy for brand new website builds, whether we are doing the build or not.

If you already have a website but need to improve your ranking in the major search engines, we can set up an Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) programme for you, targeting the most effective keyword phrases, through the most effective methods so you receive a maximum return on your investment.  Alternatively we can train you how to do it yourself.

Our leading SEO expert can advise you on how to set up your site to achieve the best possible rankings.  He will also advise you on how to undertake off page SEO to built your authority and reputation so Google gives your pages a higher PageRank.

If you want to know more about our search engine optimisation service please contact us.

If you want to learn how to undertake your own SEO – have a look at M Training’s SEO Courses in Manchester

Google AdWords (PPC – Pay per Click)

What amazes us about Google AdWords…

1. Not every company runs Adwords campaigns.

When we have explained how it works, how much it costs, how you can control the targeting and budgets, I have never come across a company who couldn’t benefit from at least a small targeted AdWords campaign. It is like having a sales person creating the leads for you at much less risk and at a lower cost.

2. How expensive some keywords became.

The big traffic keywords such as ‘car insurance’ rose to ridiculous costs – eg over £25 for every person who clicked on them.  That is like paying everyone who calls you up a twenty pounds.
Don’t think that every person who clicks on your Google Ad is a potential customer, they are likely to be students, competitors, staff etc. The highest bids are on terms such as ‘no win no fee claims’ which rose to a whopping £100+.
Luckily the madness has died off a little and the average cost per click is now pretty reasonable – usually under £2.  In some industries the bid costs are very cheap and a big opportunity exists for these business to grow using the power of AdWords.

3. How badly some companies do it. 

We could go on for a long time about how and why some Adwords campaigns are so badly constructed and executed.  Let’s just say that whoever set them up probably just didn’t have the time to do it properly.  The result is that many companies say that Google Ads were not cost effective or did not work for them.  If you place your ads in the wrong place, with the wrong messages and do not consider the pathways…well, what can you expect!

4. How easy it is to measure

OK it is not that easy if you don’t like computers but if you are used to using the web it is relatively easy.  Not only is it easy it is wonderfully precise.  The reports will tell you how much you spent; how many sales/enquiries you got; which ads and which keywords performed the best etc.  If only if the rest of marketing was so measurable.

If you want to know how to do it; or want to employ us to do it for you; just give us a call 0n 0161 226 6032 or contact us

The IC-e Group offer a full PPC (Pay per Click) campaign design, implementation, evaluation and reporting service.

SEO Training and Adwords Training

We also offer training on how to undertake SEO and Google Adwords campaigns yourselves.

This is provided by Martin Woodfield at our sister company M Training

For details on the courses please click on the links below

Search Engine Optimisation Training Course

Google Adwords Training Course

You may also be interested in measuring how effedtive your campains and how good your website is at converting visitors into customers.  If so you should consider M Training’s

Google Analytics Course